Grade Cluster - 3-5
NETS-S - 2 - Communication and Collaboration

School Playgrounds Around the World

A group of students want to know about the kind of playgrounds that kids at other schools have to play on. They wondered if the location and environment had any impact on their playground designs. Students create a global project to find the answer to the question, "What are school playgrounds like in other places and how does the environment impact the structures and design of their playground?"

Contributing to the Cloud

As part of a Vermont Studies unit, students collaborate with another Vermont classroom to research the existing Vermont state symbols, create an article to update the symbols information on the Vermont State Symbols Wikipedia page, and make recommendations for potential new state symbols.

Flying With The Monarchs

Students participate in the yearlong "Journey South and Monarch Watch" program, tracking Monarch butterflies from Vermont to the butterfly sanctuaries in Mexico, while collaborating with other students around North America.