Grade Cluster - 3-5
NETS-S- 4 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Where Does All That Paper Go?

Quick Look:

Students look at the issue of paper consumption in their classroom and in their school. After collecting and analyzing the data they realize that the issue of paper usage is a school wide problem and they start a paper-recycling program in the school.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Quick Look:

As part of a school board initiative to redesign the land around the school, a multiage classroom develops a plan for interactive outdoor learning spaces. The students develop four learning spaces called “Froggy Bottom”, “Today’s Weather”, “Shhh! Quiet”, and “Plants Plants!”.

An Edible Schoolyard

Quick Look:

The students transform a piece of unused school property into a garden. Students work with local community members throughout the process. They find a garden-partner classroom in Global Gardens, where they document the growing process together on their wiki, comparing and contrasting how different climates grow different plants.