Grade Cluster - 3-5
NETS-S- 5 - Digital Citizenship

Global Dreams and Goals

Quick Look:

Students work with a local dentist who is part of the "Dentist Without Borders" project to begin a relationship with students in Peru. As part of a yearlong citizenship unit, students share their dreams and goals for the future with the students in Peru. Students collaborate on projects to develop an understanding and awareness of each other’s cultures.

New Kid on the Block

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The class prepares for a student from China to enter their class. They are studying world cultures and select China as their focus. The students interact with the students in the Chinese classroom to learn about each other’s school community, culture, and language. The students prepare for the new student using a virtual world called ZON, a multi-player online role-playing game for learning about the Chinese culture and speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Speak Up to Space

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Students learn that, as citizens of their world, they have an opportunity to collaborate with a class in Japan to participate in a NASA classroom experience, and to communicate with astronauts in space from their classroom. They share their experience with their fellow schoolmates and local community.