Grade Cluster - 3-5

NETS-S- 3 - Research and Information Fluency

The Vermont Virtual Zoo

Quick Look:

Everyone loves to visit a zoo to see the animals up close and personal and to learn all about them. BUT, what do you do if your state doesn't have a zoo to visit? These students create the first zoo in Vermont, a virtual zoo!

Lake Champlain by the Numbers

Quick Look:

As part of an interdisciplinary project, students research and collect a list of interesting numerical facts and graphs that describe Lake Champlain. Student groups then select one topic to identify trends and make a prediction about the lake from the data they have collected.

Fall in Color

Quick Look:

Students learn how and why leaves lose their colors in the fall in Vermont. They create a 'Fall Into Color' wiki about the different changing leaves around the world and invite students from around the world to collaborate on the project.