Grade Cluster – 6-8
NETS-S - 4 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Let's Get Serious About Fitness

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Students use data to make a strong case for altering the health-related choices available at their school. An improved understanding of data collection techniques and analysis prepares these students to make healthier choices.

Saving Our Streams

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Students work collaboratively in teams to develop solutions and recommendations for stream bank preservation through erosion prevention on a river in their community. They collect data, research solutions, and raise funds to employ their solutions.

Cell Phones + Driving = Accidents?

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Vermont students collaborate with students from schools in other states to analyze data regarding cell phone use while driving. Accident data is collected and compared from states that have enacted laws that prohibits or restricts cell phone use while driving to those states that have no such laws. Students also collect data to determine if laws do, in fact, lower the incidence of cell phone use while driving. Students analyze their findings and prepare videos to share with driver education classes, their communities, and their respective state legislatures.