Grade Cluster – 6-8
NETS-S - 5 - Digital Citizenship

Being 11

Quick Look:

Sixth grade students build a foundation for understanding their place in the world by researching the most important historical and cultural events of the past eleven years, the years in which they have been alive. They work in collaborative groups to create a multimedia presentation that will tie these national and world events together in their own lives.

Motion Movies

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Students design and conduct an investigation using the scientific method that demonstrates the relationship between variables dealing with force and motion, such as acceleration, momentum, speed, and mass. Experiments are recorded and made into videos to be shared with younger students and posted to //YouTube//.

How do We Help the Victims of War?

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Vermont middle school students work on an interdisciplinary unit to help Afghan children by sending them school supplies. They communicate with Vermont National Guard members who are stationed in Afghanistan to assess the needs in nearby Afghan towns. The students elicit support and donations from local community members, businesses, and organizations to gather supplies and send them to National Guard members who distribute them.