Grade Cluster – 6-8

NETS-S - 3 - Research and Information Fluency

Even More Awesome Stories

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Student use primary sources to examine the life and work of a famous artist and create interactive reports that connect the information they have gathered with the primary and secondary resources from which it was taken.

Personal Learning Projects

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Middle school students in grades 6-8 research self-selected topics of interest using a variety of print and electronic resources. Students learn how to develop focus questions and research plans. Each student configures and maintains a blog to collect and organize information, obtain feedback, and to present their research findings. Students communicate with experts in the field about their selected topics via email, face-to-face interviews, or videoconferencing. Feedback is provided to students from teachers, field experts, and peers through the comments feature of a //blog//. Students learn about the research process, including strategies for finding and evaluating materials.

H1N1: Truth or Rumor? Get the Facts!

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Students in a middle school class became very concerned about the H1N1 flu virus, its impact on children in their age group, and the media attention to the vaccination being offered at their school. As a result, they decide to do research on this disease. They share the results of their research through posters placed around the community, at the local hospital, in pediatricians' offices, and through multimedia presentations shared on the Internet.