Grade Cluster - 9 – 12
NETS-S – 4 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Internet for All!

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Students in the interdisciplinary 21st Century Issues course realize that not everyone in town has Internet access. They research options for providing and funding Internet access and use a variety of collaborative technology tools to develop and implement a proposal to provide “Internet for All.”

Reap What You Know

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As part of their high school's ongoing effort to provide fresh, local produce to the local food shelf, chemistry students conduct ongoing research to increase the yield of their blueberry patch.

Green Tape

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High school students investigate the economic and environmental implications of green energy as a local company suggests the development of a wind farm in their county. This has created uproar in their community as residents take sides, either for or against the wind farm. The school is located directly below the proposed site and students wonder what impact it could have on their school community.