Grade Cluster - 9 – 12
NETS-S Standard -5 - Digital Citizenship

The End of the Landmine

Quick Look:

A group of students research landmines and write persuasive essays to convince others they should be outlawed. They also create a wiki to share what they’ve learned with the general public.


Quick Look:

Formerly disengaged students in a public high school work independently in a supportive, collaborative environment in a program called "Pathways: Another Way to Graduate."

Visual Art Stories

Quick Look:

Intermediate art students study, research and write about the history of drawing and painting, and the basic elements and principles of art and design. They learn about Western Art from the Renaissance to 20th Century Modernists, and create works of art using pencil, charcoal, dry paste, watercolor and oil paints. They examine the connection between the artists’ beliefs, values and art and consider how they can convey their own beliefs, values, culture and experiences through a visual medium.