Grade Cluster - 9 – 12

NETS-S – 3 - Research and Information Fluency

Can We Get There from Here?

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In this Social Studies/Science/Math project, students explore the topic of transportation with the goal of answering the question, “How can we design a sustainable transportation system for our town?” Students collaboratively conduct research, develop a series of alternative scenarios, and ultimately conduct a community forum to share their work.

Drugs: What's the Deal?

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Local media collaborate with high school students to create public service announcements encouraging the accurate research about variety of drugs, both legal and illegal. They include at least one reference to an accurate, dependable, reliable site.

The Vietnam Conflict

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High school students research the Vietnam Conflict through news footage, essays, photographs, art, music, books and firsthand accounts, and develop a multimedia embedded presentation, video, poster or webpage. They study relevant data about the war and visually represent this information. Students correspond with a class in Vietnam using ePals, to learn about the impact of the war on modern Vietnam. They also take advantage of the large number of Americans of Vietnamese ancestry who can recollect this time period and the history, culture and language of Vietnam.