Grade Cluster - K-2

NETS-S – 3 - Research and Information Fluency

Score One for Oman

Quick Look:

Students go on the offense to research Asian countries competing in soccer's World Cup. With assists from their upper grade literacy buddies, the students SCORE! by creating online posters about their teams that they share during their own World Cup celebration.

Sky Gazers

Quick Look:

Students will observe and record what they see in the sky at night over the course of one month. They will create their own explanations for changes they observe in the moon and compare their explanations to the facts.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Quick Look:

Wilson Bentley was born and raised in Jericho, Vermont and is best known as Snowflake Bentley. His research about rain and snow was published extensively in newspapers and magazines during the 1800’s. Students research his life and his work using several resources and present the information in digital form.