The following videos were selected as winners of the “New Way of Learning: Classroom Scenario” Video Contest.

The judges felt that some of the entries showed the results, or final product, instead of the process as was intended. However, the judges determined that the instructions were significantly vague enough so that both the process and product videos should be considered. Consequently, some of these videos highlight the process while others the end result of that process.

We wish to thank all those that entered the “New Way of Learning Video Contest.”

First Place:

“Creating a History of Hartford” (What We Are All About) - Michael Hathorn - Hartford High School -

Second Place:

“Teaching Shakespeare in the 21st century” - Kurt Broderson - Mt. Abraham UHS

Third Place:

Farming in Waitsfield, Vermont - Kay Marcelle - Waitsfield Elementary School -


Casting the Social Net for Learning - Jay Hoffman - FH Tuttle Middle School, South Burlington